MPs’ Absenteeism Report for First and Second Meetings of the Seventh Parliament of Ghana

Odekro, your non-partisan Parliamentary Monitoring Organization has investigated absenteeism trends in the first and second meetings of the Seventh Parliament and wish to make public its findings on Monday December 18, 2017. This investigation is important because Article 97(1)(c) of the 1992 Constitution states :

“(1) A member of Parliament shall vacate his seat in Parliament – (c) if he is absent, without the permission in writing of the Speaker and he is unable to offer a reasonable explanation to the Parliamentary Committee on Privileges from fifteen (15) sittings of a meeting of Parliament during any period that Parliament has been summoned to meet and continues to meet.”

We have had an extensive validation exercise and engagement with the Leadership and Members of Parliament. These activities enabled us to receive invaluable feedback from MPs, for which we are extremely grateful. However, none was sufficient to invalidate the authoritative Votes and Proceedings. 

Odekro generates MPs’ absenteeism data from the Votes and Proceedings which captures MPs present, absent with permission and absent (without permission). No part or portion of the absenteeism data is generated from surveys or an arbitrary research process. Odekro as an impartial and independent organization is committed to upholding the highest standards of data objectivity and integrity.

Our Parliamentary Monitoring Project, sponsored by STAR-Ghana, seeks to strengthen Parliament effectiveness and capabilities of MPs in the performance of their core mandates – oversight of the executive, legislation and representation.

Chronic absenteeism affects quality of representation during debates and decision-making, and results in inefficiencies in the transaction of Parliamentary business. The most critical aspect of chronic absenteeism particularly without written permission of the Speaker is the violation of Article 97(1)(c) of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.

Ghanaians can access their MP’s scorecards via the following means:

  • Email – send a message to with the subject line “Request for (MP’s name, Constituency” or;
  • Whatsapp – send a message to Odekro’s Whatsapp number 0548 899095 or;
  • Social media – send a message requesting your MP’s scorecard to our Facebook or Twitter or Instagram accounts “Odekro”.

For interviews/enquiries, please contact Nii at 0277246658 or Gifty 0542486687 or email

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