Make Public Investigation into 5million litres contaminated fuel product; Disclosure of Funding Sources for Political Parties

The Minority in Parliament issued a statement dated 27th June 2017, demanding:

  • The immediate interdiction of the BOST Managing Director (Mr. Alfred Obeng Boateng);

  • Full scale investigation by the regulatory authorities;

  • Immediate withdrawal of the contaminated product from the market to protect consumers and assurances that this will not recur;

  • That the financial loss, estimated at GHS 14.25million be retrieved by surcharging the offending officials at BOST in line with the recent Supreme Court decision.

This four-point action sought for by the Minority is primarily on the premise that ineffective implementation of regulatory and supervisory protocols for bulk oil storage and transportation, is causing regular exercise of discretion in the sector, often at a great inconvenience and cost to the taxpayer.

In their response, the Majority in Parliament in their press statement of June 30 2017 agreed with the Minority on full scale investigation among others but not without an equalization jab.

According to the Majority, a total of 26.5million litres of contaminated oil occurred between 2014 and 2016 under the erstwhile NDC government.

Odekro is of the view that Parliament tend to act disempowered, when confronting issues of grave concern to Ghanaians. The ensuing back and forth debate between the leadership of the two main political parties only portends a quest for political capital for partisan purposes, not development and justice for Ghanaians. Democracy is not all about elections!

On this note, Odekro will like to call on the Parliamentary Select Committee on Mines and Energy to summon regulatory authorities, organisations, and individuals involved in this matter for an open enquiry into the circumstances that led to the entry of the 5million litres contaminated fuel product into the market. It is an opportunity for Parliament to overtly demonstrate to Ghanaians that indeed, it holds fast and dear to its core mandate of representation. The current move by the Ministry of Energy to probe into the matter will deny Parliament this opportunity, and rob the general public an appreciation of full dynamics of the investigation.

Finally, the frequency of strange occurrences like this matter that involve colossal amounts of money call for a full disclosure of the funding sources for political parties. Odekro believes this social accountability mechanism will put to rest suspicions of financial engineering schemes and outright ‘fund raising’ at the public expense, for political party gains.

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