Standing Orders of Parliament

Standing Orders are the written rules which regulate the proceedings of Parliament. The current Standing Orders has been in existence for 19 years, despite inherent gaps and weaknesses. It closes committee meetings to the public by default unless a chair of a committee deems it reasonable to open up a meeting. Also, the Standing Orders categorizes MPs absenteeism in two forms – with permission and without permission. Therefore, it is unclear whether MPs who are absent without permission have done so to attend to personal business or constituency duties. Moreover, before a Parliamentary Committee can attend to any matter of public concern, Parliament must be in session and the Speaker will have to refer the matter to the committee.

Majority Leader and Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Hon. Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu Osei who is also a member of the Standing Orders Committee of Parliament describes the current Standing Orders as a major obstacle to the effectiveness of Parliamentary committees.

Download the Standing Orders of Parliament here:


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