Invitation to Citizenship (Make Your Voice Heard)

Odekro’s mission is to promote transparency, accountability and good democratic governance through citizen action and engagement with the Parliament of Ghana and other government agencies. We believe a well-functioning democracy is built on a foundation of transparency and accountability. In our traditional tripartite system of government, the legislative arm bears primary responsibility for shining the light of scrutiny in the business of government and holding public officials to account. Yet, information with which to assess the work of the Ghanaian Parliament itself or hold MPs accountable is often lacking. While occasional assessments of individual MPs can provide useful information, a more comprehensive approach to Parliamentary monitoring can often yield deeper insights into Parliament’s effectiveness.

Odekro’s work only goes so far unless citizens pick the data it provides and demand accountability from their MPs. For positive change to happen, you have to get on board.

Here’s how:

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  2. To request for your MPs attendance scorecard, contributions and statements in Parliament, send a message to with the subject line “REQUEST FOR (MP’s name, Constituency)”;
  3. Publish governance related articles on our platform. Submit drafts to;

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