Subsidiary Legislation Committee

Committee Type: Standing

The Subsidiary Legislation Committee is composed of not more than 25 Members. By convention, it is chaired by a Member of the Minority group. Orders, Rules or Regulations made pursuant to provisions of the Constitution or an Act of Parliament must be laid before Parliament for 21 sitting days before they come into force. Any such Order, Rule or Regulation so laid is referred to the Committee to determine whether it: a. is in accordance with the general objectivess of the Constitution or the Act pursuant to which it is being made; b. contains any matter, which in the opinion of the Committee should be dealt with in an Act of Parliament; c. contains imposition of any tax; d. directly or indirectly bars the jurisdiction of the courts; e. gives retrospective effect to any provision contrary to provisions of the Constitution or an existing Act; f. involves expenditure from the Consolidated Fund; g. has a form or structure which calls for further elucidation.

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