Creating Social Change Using Media

Venue: STAR Ghana Conference Room, 12 Obenesu Crescent, Cantonments

September 28, 2017
End Date: September 28, 2017

Ensuring that government business is undertaken with integrity and in a transparent manner is not just a matter of ticking the good governance box. This is because efficiency in the provision of public goods to Ghanaians can greatly suffer, if governance is left to Public duty bearers alone.
The media is therefore tasked with the watchdog mandate – of making sure that government fulfill its obligations ethically, constitutionally, efficiently, responsibly and reasonably under the social contract with Ghanaians. The media can only go so far without a vibrant civil society. The media and civil society have a shared interest in open, accountable governance, thus their partnership in the development business need to be strengthened for better oversight of government.

In our next Brown Bag Series, we will discuss lessons learnt and challenges advancing issues using the media. Leading the discussion will be one of Ghana’s vibrant and incisive Journalists Bernard Avle.