Are young Ghanaians really empowered to cause social change?

Venue: Ispace, Accra

End Date:

Several factors explain the minimal success by CSOs in mobilizing and engaging Ghanaians to amplify and sustain voices for transparency and accountability. At our March and April editions of Odekro Brown Bag Series, two factors emerged salient. First, the voices of Ghanaians on issues have fragmented and lack of political activism prevails because the present middle class of the country, with increased access to political opportunities are selectively indifferent to basic development gaps. Second, we are simply not angry enough.

At some point in the 1960s, a bulk of the Ghanaian youth lost interest in the political affairs of the country. University campuses, the hub of political activism prior laid fallow. S.A Amoa (1979) in explaining events of that era attributed the failure on the part of Ghanaian students to become actively involved in national politics to ‘their low degree of politicization’ and the influences of certain elements in the university system and the macro-socio-economic system’, that is, ‘achievement orientation, insulation from societal strain and guaranteed occupational future’. But there was an awakening in the 1970s, so powerful and intense so that Ghanaian youth played a substantial role in the overthrow of Busia’s civilian government in 1971 and Acheampong’s military government in 1978 (The general history of Africa studies and documents, Pg. 20). 40 years after, that powerful, intense political consciousness seems to have disappeared.

What is the difference in the body politic of the 1970s and 2000s? We will be attempting to answer this question and a host of others at the ninth edition of Odekro Brown Bag Series dubbed: Are young Ghanaians really empowered to cause social change? on 28th Thursday at Ispace, Accra, 2pm. Our resource person is Mr. Ernesto Yeboah, Commander-in-Chief of Economic Fighters League, a mass movement on a mobilization mission to protect the rights of the oppressed class.


About Odekro Brown Bag Series:

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